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What are home buyers looking for in 2020?

What are home buyers looking for in a home in 2020? There are many things that home buyers are looking for when they are shopping for a home. It can range from a variety of things, but to top the list I have included this list to help you sort this out even if you are buying or selling. Hopefully this well help you if you need to sell your home or are looking to buy.

Large Laundry room

A large laundry room is usually quite an attractive feature for most homeowners. This attracts buyers with a large family that is looking for a place to move in. The reason this is such an attractive aspect is due to the fact of having a large family. The bigger the laundry room the easier it is to wash cloths and get on with normal everyday life. The need to have space to fold their cloths and wash at the same time seems to make sense for those who have larger families.

Exterior lighting

Lots of lighting on the outside can really make the house stand out at night. Home buyers are looking to impress their friends and family and also have the comfort of a beautifully lighted house when the lights go out.  Not only does external lighting give the home a boost in appeal it also makes the home look safer and less hidden when it is dark outside.

Energy Efficient

Utility costs can be a major factor in purchasing a home. Most homeowners these days are looking to have energy efficient homes that can cut the costs of their monthly utility bills. Having an energy efficient home can also give the buyer some tax advantages that they may want to take advantage of. Things such as solar panels, energy efficient bulbs, upgraded windows, insulated doors and modern appliances can drastically lower the energy costs of the home thereby appealing more to the homeowner in many ways.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are much cleaner and more sophisticated than carpeting or tiled floors. This is why it is usually the choice for homeowners when buying a home. Most homeowners are looking specifically for homes that have hard wood floors due to that fact. If your home currently has carpeting maybe its time you rip them out and start sanding/polishing the exiting floors you’ll be surprised what it may look like. If your willing to spend a little more your can also pay around 1000 – 3000  (depending on size and location) for laminated wood flooring. This is a great imitation flooring that can pull off the look. There are different qualities and some are just as durable as real wood flooring’s. Whats best is that it looks exactly the same if it is installed correctly. Here are some examples of what the flooring can look like.

Beautiful right!!!


Garage Storage Space

Not only is space important but ….. space is SUPER important.  Garage space is frequently looked at as extra storage to house things that homeowners don’t want in their home cluttering the basements or attics. It can be used to store things like bikes, tools, unused furniture and more. So when selling your home try to clear out the garage because in 2020 mellinials are looking for  space. That garage can really stir ideas if it is open, free & clear for thoughts.


A Clean & Large Kitchen

Common guys and gals we all know it! We all have done it once in a while while visiting our rich friend or family member. First thing we do when walking through the door, of that beautiful home is search for the kitchen. Well its not rocket science to home buyers either. Home buyers are looking for a beautiful kitchen. This is something that is definitely not new! The kitchen is one of the first places homeowners want to see before they even dare to check out the rest of the home. Millennial and veteran home owners are looking for the most modern and open spaced kitchen they can find at the price they can afford. So do something about that kitchen! If there is rust in the corners, old falling apart lamps and 1950’s wall paper still infecting that kitchen. Get rid of it. You may end up fetching a much higher price for your home if the kitchen is updated and looking sharp. Remember those laminate flooring’s? Make sure it is water proof if you’re using it for the kitchen or just install real hard wood flooring to make it work for your buyers and start that bidding war.


Home Office

The home office is definitely a necessity for most home buyers. Most millennial these days are wise to the fact that starting a business is something that must be done. If not that most are working from home so turning that extra large closet into a small home office could work out in your buyers favor.


Low Maintenance

Home buyers do not want a home that requires a lot of maintenance. If your trying to sell your home and you’re doing repairs watch carefully at the type of materials that the contractor uses. Most of the time the contractor may try to save a buck by buying cheaper parts that can break easily. Home buyers in 2020 can spot a cheap doorknob a mile away. If they can spot that cheap doorknob  that’ll also raise the question on what else is made from cheap parts. Vice versa if your buying a home watch out for these cheap parts unless you are a really good handyman. Don’t go buying a house that looks like this if you have no experience in repairing things.

or you’ll end up like this guy


Smart Home Technology

Buyers in 2020 are technically savvy and are looking for homes that can be controlled with the touch of a button or via their cell phones. Most newer homes are built with smart home technology that are making the lives of millennial’s easier. If the stove is left the stove on they can easily check and shut it off. Even better close the shades from a remote location or even check on their dog, set the house temperature and more.

Update Bathrooms

The second most loved part of the home is the bathroom. Home buyers are looking for a modern, open spaced and updated bathroom with a large mirror and sufficient lighting. Just like I discussed with the kitchen, the bathroom should be updated clean.

Outdoor Living Space

Having a backyard is a must have accessory to any homeowner that can give them the freedom of being inside and outside without ever really leaving their paradise home. Having an outdoor living space with weather proof furniture is definitely a plus. Take a look at this example. It doesnt have to be this pretty but maybe it will give you all some ideas.

breathtaking dining outdoor living designs s

Homeowners have a lot of options when buying a home in 2020. Technology has made possible a lot of things we would have never thought would be around in our lifetime. The time is here and everyone who want to own a home is looking for these qualities in a home. So prepare yourself when selling or buying a home and know what to look for. The new standard of buying homes is here. Lets raise the bar!


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