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Home prices increase 7 percent in Dallas for latest market comparison

Home price gains continued to grow in Dallas. The rate of North Texas home price appreciation has slowed since 2017 when prices rose at nearly 9 percent. “Looking round the 20 cities covered, people who enjoyed the fastest cost rises before the 2007-2009 monetary meltdown are again one of the cities undergoing the biggest profits.

“San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas, cost leaders at the boom prior to the catastrophe, are seeing strong price increases,” he explained. “They’ve been joined by three towns in which costs were above average throughout the fiscal crisis and continue to grow quickly – Dallas, Portland OR, and Seattle.” Home prices in November were nearly 60 percent greater than they were the worst of the downturn in 2009, according. Even though Dallas’ home price growth remains before the average, the growth was the smallest percentage growth in over four years at the poll. The largest cost increases in the last year have been in Seattle, up 12.7 percent, and Las Vegas, in which costs were 10.6 percent greater than in November 2016. Home costs were 7.4 percent greater in San Diego and up 7.1 % in Tampa. However, North Texas’ home cost growth could not match cost increases in certain sexy Western U.S. markets. Dallas home prices were up 7 per cent from the just-released from a year ago Standard & Poor Home Price Index.

  • Created On: January 30, 2018
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