Sell your house fast in as little as 14 days. We buy houses all cash, charge no agent fees and pay all closing costs. We have a team of investors with the cash ready to buy. At InvestorWize we can buy your house or have other investors that will, no matter what your situation is because we buy houses even if it is ugly. There are no fees and no obligations to you for using our services.

  • Are you an out of state owner tired of paying taxes on a vacant home?
  • Do you have bad tenants that are not paying rent?
  • Do you have a have a house in need of repairs and need to sell your home quickly?
  • Are you going through a foreclosure and looking to do a short sale? We do short sales and provide relocation and credit repair advice and services.
  • Are you going through a divorce and looking to liquidate assets?
  • Have you inherited a property and looking to sell the home?

Sell Your House in Any Condition

It doesn’t matter if the roof is falling off or the walls are falling down you can still sell your house to us in any condition. Broken, burnt, ugly homes are the houses we love best. It only takes 2 weeks for us to close on your house. On top of that we do all the repairs for you. No need to worry about expensive fixes or cleaning out every corner of your home. We buy houses in as is condition so there’s nothing more for you to do. There are a lot of companies that buy your house from you online, but many of them take forever to sell your house or give you seriously unrealistic offers on your home. Here at we give you a fair offer on your home depending on the neighborhood, market-value and estimated repairs that are needed to make your home modern.

Sell your house fast. We buy house all cash and in any condition


How Can I Sell My House Fast For Cash?

Sell Your House Fast. We are a company that buys houses for cash

In most cases you can sell your house fast for cash by selling to an investor! There are no agents fees or processing fees. We buy houses fast all cash or have investors that will  close in 14 days or less. If you have a realtor we can even pay your existing agent fees. Now if that isn’t a deal, I don’t know what is. Not only can you sell your home fast for cash, you will also pay no closing costs! That’s because we pay all closing costs, fees and repairs needed that are associated with the sale of your home.

This program work even if your home needs plenty of repairs, is under water (This means you owe more money on the mortgage than what is actually owed), have an ugly home that nobody wants to buy or you are strapped for cash. Why pay closing costs if you are trying make money selling your house. If you are in trouble and need to sell your home fast we have many strategies which will allow us and our investors to purchase your home in the fastest amount of time.

Sell your home fast today by giving us a call or filling out our form to get an offer fast.

Can I Sell My House At Market Value?

DHB-Fair-Market-ValueThere are some cases where you can even sell your house fast for market value even if your house is upside down on its mortgage. We use creative financing techniques to allow you to get the maximum amount in some cases. These scenarios happen a lot and the opportunity sell your house for market value can save you from having to do a short-sale or even help you to avoid foreclosure. Every home situation is different so contact us to see if your home qualifies.

What If My House Is In A Slow Market?

A slow market is when you have more houses for sale than there are buyers. When you have this kind of market trying to sell your home becomes extremely difficult. Your house is competing against all the other houses in the neighborhood for sale and this can leave you spending mots and months trying to sell your home. And in many cases your home still wont sell. This is where selling your house to an investor can really help out. An investor can take just a few days to decide if they want to buy your home. Even better they pay all the closing costs and fees associated with closing on your home. Even if the market is slow and investor can easily buy your home and pay all cash at that! So if your trying to sell a house fast in a slow market we may be your best option to sell your house faster your market can.

We Buy Houses & Homes In Any Condition

We buy houses all cash.

We are a company that buys houses and we buy houses in any condition! If your house has repairs to be made and you do no know what to do to sell your house. We can help. We will not ask you to fix anything in your home before we buy your house. Fixing your house up takes a lot of time and attention to detail. Also most homeowners find them selves in the predicament of making repairs that don’t even improve the homes value at all. What does this equate to? You losing money!

Do I need to make repairs or clean my home?

There’s no reason for you to come out of pocket and there is no need for you to have cash to make any repairs of any kind. There is no need to remodel your kitchen, upgrade your bathroom or even give your home a new facelift in order to sell your house. We buy houses anywhere in the USA in “as is” condition. There is a lot of money to be made in real estate and yes if you have a nice reserve of money stored in the bank, take 3- 4 months to repair your home your-self while paying the mortgage, managing the project and waiting 6 months or more to sell your home through traditional means, then its even possible for you to make money off the sale of your home.

What are the downfalls of doing my own home repairs?

In a lot of cases we have seen homeowners spend tremendous amounts to repair their homes only to end up spending way too much or not improving the areas that are important for improving value. We do our own inspection, figure out what needs to be done and make all the repairs after closing. No need to wait months to fix up your property just to have it sit on the MLS. We buy houses as is and in any condition and again we charge no fees and cover all closing costs. So if you need to sell your house fast fill out our online form and get an offer fast.

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InvestorWize has helped me sell my house fast and it didn’t cost me anything. My house needed lots of work. I contacted them by phone gave them my house information and in 12 days my house was sold.

Samantha Wright – Memphis, TN

I called because I needed to relocate to my new job in California. Not only did they keep their promise, but I sold my house in 6 days. If I would have known that I could sell my house fast just by calling them I would have done it first before calling a realtor. Will do business again. Thanks!

Bobby Frasier – Houston TX

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