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Short Sales in 2015 for home owners are getting $10,000 for Relocation By means of new HAFA rules


Huge information leak for Short Sale candidates and Distressed house owners in 2015:

For property owners who qualify for a HAFA Short Sale, as of February one, 2015 the relocation incentive accessible to the occupant/borrower has a good deal far more than tripled – from $3,000.00 to a huge $10,000.00.

Yep – you might qualify for $10,000.00 at escrow closing, coupled in with moving from your property, the second the sale is concluded.
Note: The relocation money is issued to the OCCUPANT of the residence, even if they are not the operator or the borrower (the person who acquired the property loan or mortgage).

So guess what?… You can even, stay in your home even while the application is in progress… Even if youve missed some of your home loan payments , it doesnt matter. On the other hand, it is actually really ideal to consider to stay up on any HOA payments during the procedure, if your home is a condominium / town property with an HOA association. That way you can protect your credit rating while the home is going through the process of the shortsale.




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