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5 Unique Strategies To Sell Your House That Really Work!

5 Unique Strategies To Sell Your House That Really Work!


Regardless how amazing your residence is, let us be fair: Real estate is a pull-down, stops-out, winner take all competitive marketplace. It can require some genius that is authentic to direct would-be buyers by your front door.

To help get your creative juices flowing, here are a few unique, offbeat and just plain different sales strategies that real estate agents and some somewhat avant-garde homeowners have attempted. And guess what they have been proven to work!

Give a referral compensation

Should you use Twitter or Facebook to remain in touch with buddies or share pictures, then there is no reason you can not use it to share the news that you are selling your home!

As a way to sweeten the deal, one Canadian family made a decision to offer a $1,000 “compensation” for any “share” that led to the sale of their house. There is no word yet on how good it functioned, but it makes sense not take that split second if cool hard cash hangs in the balance, to propagate the word to your buddies?

Have an over the top house that is open to all

“The days of the wine and cheese open house are finished,” pronounces Alexander Ali, CEO of the Society Group. What is taken its position are open services–essentially, open houses on human growth hormones, complete with live entertainment, catering from In-N-Out Burger, mermaids in the pool … you get the idea.

These generally upscale and larger parties are typically expensive, however they do not have to be. The key would be to make it seem uncommon and interesting–all the better to cut through the open house litter. Only ask Wendy Flynn, a Realtor in College Station, TX, who spent a mere $200 to rent a snow cone truck to park in the driveway of a house she was attempting to sell.

“Instead of the normal two to five visitors, over 50 adults and innumerable children attended the open house,” she remembers. “Of people who seen, five shown serious interest in the property–evidence that creative advertising can help garner attention for a house.” Hey, who does not enjoy snow cones?

Produce your own reality show

You set up a station, turn on a camera, and let people glimpse in your house –all in an attempt to help them visualize what it’d be like to live there in the future. Insane? Perhaps. But -streaming is a means to get prospective buyers to observe the interior of your property without ever leaving their sofa.

“Live-streaming video is an excellent tool: Facebook Live, YouTube, Blab, Periscope, and Meerkat are all coming large time for real estate use,” says Ellen Cagnassola, social media supervisor for HouseMaster Home Inspections.

Feel a little uncomfortable being the “star”? Hold an occasion including a live show, or hire local talent like stand-up comedians to do a brief skit at home you could publicize. It will get your residence in front of more eyeballs, reliable! Keep the mature comedy to the very least, please.

Play the star card and do it right

Is it true that your house have a star who slept there? Or maybe it functioned as the backdrop for a film at one point? Or maybe it evokes a particular TV show or film? Whatever makes your property special, use it to your benefit. And in the event you do not have any celeb narratives, then consider hiring celebrities to set the scene.

Jaisa Bishop, an associate partner at Partners Trust, did just that when representing a Victorian house in San Diego that was not getting enough focus.

“I used my family to dress in period costume and be in character. They sat in the garden while a local artist painted and brought a number of his pieces to sell. It turned out to be a great success,” says Bishop. “Guests could sit down and have tea in the yard and eat finger foods with the characters while taking in the house. ‘Downton Abbey’ meets real estate!”

Add a little magic or faith into the equation

It may be the time to call in help from the imperceptible fairies or forces you believe in when all else fails. Sure, but it can not damage and it just might help. Just ask Ellen Shaikun, a broker associate with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Parks & Weinberg Realtors, who’d discovered that burying a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your lawn is assumed to bring a fast sale.

“I had a customer who did it. When the house was on the market two weeks after, my seller dug up the statue and kicked into despair mode –having decided that it was entombed in the wrong area for greatest impact–and moved it next to the mail box. My seller was right: We got an offer nearly instantly. As we all understand in real estate, it is about place, place, location!”


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