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Sell My House Fast! Pay No closing costs. Make No Repairs.

Sell My House Fast. Sell my house with no closing costs. Sell my house with no brokers fees. Sell my house with no repairs.

Sell My House Fast. No closing costs, no brokers fees & no repairs.

If I needed to sell my house fast here are some of the things that I would do to speed the process up and also come out pocket with nothing at closing. When trying to sell my house I needed to consider the following options.

Can I afford to make all the repairs if I needed to my house at a higher price?

Do I have the time to make all of the repairs before I sell my house?

Can I afford to pay a brokers fee If I am selling my house on the market or MLS?

Is there enough equity in order for me to sell my home?

What is the date I need to sell my house by?

How much money do I need after I sell my home?

If you have been asking yourself these question and still haven’t found a solution. Then guess what? We buy houses fast all cash. And best of all is you pay nothing to close and don’t have to do any repairs on your home before you sell it. If you are a property owner who needs to sell in a hurry do not hesitate to call us. People are facing situations just like you and have called us in to purchase their properties even when time is of the essence.



If you need to Sell your home contact us below or at 1-844-466-3949. We purchase homes in many cities throughout the USA. No matter where you are and no matter what kind of property needs to sell quickly, we are there to help.


States Where We Buy Houses

“How can I sell my house fast and pay no closing costs”

You can sell your house fast without closing costs by following these two tactics.

Selling to an investor

Selling to an investor is by far the easiest way to avoid paying closing costs. Normally it is standard for any investor to offer you no closing costs while they are purchasing your home. This os because the investor stands to make a profit when they fix up your home and resell it for a profit.

Negotiating the terms of the purchase so that the buyer pays all closing costs.

You can put it in writing in the purchase and sales agreement that the buyer will pay all closing costs associated with the sale. Doing this is quite legal and is done all over the USA. Just make sure that you explain to the buyer that you prefer that they pay all closing costs.

“I need to sell my house fast and don’t have money to make repairs!” No worries we’ve got the answer!

We don’t care why you need to sell your house fast. It could be from an unexpected inheritance, an impending foreclosure, a divorce or a rental property you need to unload — you just need money from the house now.

We’ve been there and done that. We understand.

If you’ve ever sold a home before you’ll know that the process is painfully slow. It is literally impossible to sell your house or home fast.

It can take weeks just to get your house listed through traditional realtors. There’s the process of signing with a realtor, making repairs which costs money, preparing the house for pictures, scheduling those photos and finally getting it listed. Then the waiting starts. And it could take forever to get that house sold.

Houses can sit on the market for months or even years before they finally get a valid offer and actually sold. In the meantime, you’re trapped into paying the mortgage, utilities and home insurance on a vacant house, or you’re waiting around your realtor’s showing schedule.


“Selling My house Fast” Is it really possible.

The answer is yes. You can definitely sell your house fast. There are may creative strategies and techniques that can be used so you can get out of your old home and move on. Here at investorwize we specialize in this kind of thing and will work up strategies what we can do to help you out.

We can close on your house in 10 days or less

That’s all it takes. We will visit your home for a free, no-obligation appraisal, where one of our knowledgeable, professional franchisees will make a fair, market-based offer.

You can choose to take it or keep looking, there’s no pressure.

If you choose to take the offer, we will move quickly. We know how important it is to sell your house fast with as few hassles as possible, so we will take care of most (if not all) of the traditional closing costs.

And in many cases, we can close on your house in a week.

Get started today by requesting your quote. Fill out the simple questionnaire above or call 1-844-466-3949 and one of our investors in your area will contact you shortly.

There’s no pressure and no obligation to take any offer. We’ll simply give you an offer to buy your house for cash. That is it!


No Obligation Home Offer Form

Complete the Cash Offer Form below to receive your Free, No Obligation, Confidential, CASH OFFER WITHIN 24 HOURS! Properties are reviewed on a first come first serve basis so you must act now. Or Call 844-466-3949 to speak with a representative from our Cash Offer Team.



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